4 Beauty Tools That Changed My Life

November 7, 2022

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So, I know some of you have been feeling out of sorts lately from the intense heat and extreme humidity that came with this year's summer to the sudden temperature drops in the fall and right back to being hot. Whew! The sun is definitely not playing this year!

At the start of summer, my skin was quite dehydrated, tired, and dull. Despite switching to a heat-friendly skincare regimen, my skin didn't look as "happy" and healthy as I would have loved, so I decided to try something new. Wanna guess what I did?...

But before I let you in on my little secret, I want to make sure you are staying faithful to your sunscreen. If you haven't yet, cop a sunscreen from any one of our boxes.

Now that we're set, let's take a deep dive into my valuable skincare secret.

Beauty Tools!!!!!!

Yes, you read that right!  Adding beauty tools to my skincare routine changed my skin go from 0 - 100 real quick.

Keep reading and I'll show you some of my favorite skincare tools and why you need them in your beauty rotation.

YA! Clean - The Youth Amplified Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush covered in soapy bubbles in the tub.
YA! Clean - Youth Amplified Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

YA! Clean - Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush.

I no longer dread having makeup on during hot seasons or any season for that matter- thanks to YA! Clean Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush. The brush eliminates oil, dirt, and makeup better than my hands. My skin looks vibrant, silky, soft, and smooth after every use. I've noticed a reduction in my pore size, improvement in the texture of my skin, and overall skin firmness.

I am obsessed with this brush

because its bristles are gentle enough to do the job of cleansing without causing micro-tears on my skin. It's so portable, you can sneak it into your luggage anytime you're going on a vacay.

YA! Sparkle Ice Globes

Kiss puffy, tired eyes, dark circles, fine lines, and saggy, crepey skin GOODBYE with this extra-cool tool - Sparkle Ice Globes.

Real 👏 talk 👏, friend. It's been hard to lose my cool after I started using this gorgeous device. The cooling effect relaxes tense muscles and reduces inflammation. It is the perfect antidote you need to withstand the heat. 

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These ice globes boost blood circulation around your face via a process known as "Cryotherapy." When your facial muscles are "cooled down," oxygen and nutrients flow through your blood vessels to your skin.

The result? Healthy, glowing, and supple skin.

YA! Sparkle - Youth Amplified Sparkle Ice Globes in a fresh bed of snow getting prepped for cryotherapy.
YA! Sparkle - Ice Globes Ready To Cool

I've been using this tool for my at-home spa treatment a couple of times a week. For a perfect glide, I layer my favorite oil or moisturizer before rolling it around my face.

The cooling globes have melted my eye bags and enhanced the radiance of my skin - a win-win for me!

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YA! Ionic Facial Mist

YA! Ionic Facial Mist

Achieving dewy, well-hydrated skin became a reality for me when I supplemented my topical regimen with this device. After applying the steam from the Ionic Facial Mist, I observed that my skin absorbed products better and the results were simply amazing.

After each session, my skin felt super hydrated, plumped, and my pores were far less congested. If you're too lazy to book an appointment at the spa, you can use this portable steamer to boost the feel and look of your skin any day.

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YA! Qosmetix Fridge

YA! Qosmetix Fridge

A fridge is an essential because it offers "indirect" benefits to your skin. My serums, lotions, toners, masks, etc. always sleep peacefully in my fridge. Why? Because it is necessary to store topical products in a cool and dry environment. The fresher your products, the fresher your skin. Preserve your cosmetics by storing them properly in a fridge like the Qosmetix Fridge.

Join the discussion below! Which beauty tools are you ordering next?

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