Antioxidants Inside Out

February 21, 2019

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Antioxidants Inside and Out!

As someone who pays attention to the trends out there, it seems that whenever skincare challenges come into play there’s an assumption-, it must be for teens. And when it comes to teenagers, fads rule the roost.

Maybe because it’s widely accepted that skin issues like acne are highest among teens.

In any medium - magazines, newspapers, or the Internet you can find skincare-related articles ranging from various therapies, and homemade skin care solutions, to totally natural, including some chemicals, etc.

If you randomly landed on this page and that’s the kind of thing you’re looking for, sorry to be the bearer of bad news- you won’t find it here. Today, let’s put on our big kid undies and get down to grown folks’ skincare, shall we?

Assuming you’re wondering what all the hubbub is about antioxidant-heavy skin care regimes, the first thing you need to know is why.

Why antioxidants? Who cares? What's all the hype about

Well, antioxidants prevent oxidation of certain compounds in the body which can release free radicals and damage cells and tissues. Free radical damage can have huge, detrimental effects on the major systems in the body including the heart. Bt, as it pertains to your skin, free radical damage can break down collagen and cause premature, visible signs of aging (Schagen et al, 2012). Collagen is one of the structural components of your skin, so not only are you looking at fine lines and wrinkles, but also loss of elasticity and sagging. That’s no good.

If you’ve heard anything about the Youth Amplified! method for creating a well-rounded, holistic skincare system, you know, anti-aging skincare isn’t just about tubes, bottles, jars of moisturizers and creams, and anti-aging gels. Anti-aging begins with reversing and repairing damage that has already been done- and that begins inside the body with natural supplements. Supplementing vitamins A and C can neutralize free radicals so that they’re unable to cause damage to your cells. But, there’s one caveat…

Your body needs vitamins A and C for A LOT of functions, including;

collagen inside your bones, healing processes, creating new blood vessels, maintaining cartilage, building muscles, normal vision, and even reproduction… Just to name a few…

With these essential micronutrients being in such high demand in the body, it’s recommended you take a supplement on top of using a topical Vitamin C product on your skin. Most of us aren’t getting enough of these vitamins from diet alone, which means that internal processes get the highest priority for use of these nutrients. What that means is that your muscles and bones etc. will use up the vitamins before the skin receives any to use. Supplementing orally with a potent, organically sourced, supplement will help with the inside-out effects while using a traditional topical will work from the outside-in.

The idea of free radicals damaging and causing mutation in bodily tissues and cells can be difficult to connect with at first. Maybe because they can be silent, but deadly. Suffice it to say that free radicals can be extremely harmful and left alone, can result in mutation in genes, which can lead to certain cancers and make repairing damage impossible. With antioxidants we can limit the number of free radicals in our system, thereby ensuring that we not only keep our skin supple, youthful and glowing but also healthy. This wonderful discovery of how antioxidants can work to negate the effect of free radicals has led to fantastic products which can help in tackling issues related to aging skin- find my favorite antioxidant combos below.

Happy Reverse Aging!

As promised favorite combos are listed below:

My Absolute FAVE Reverse Aging Combo
Nutrilite™ Vitamin C Extended Release                                    
Artistry™ Intensive Skincare Advanced Vitamin C + HA
Fave Most Cost-Effective Combo
Nutrilite™ Hair, Skin & Nail Health           
Artistry™ Intensive Skincare Advanced Skin Refinisher.
A Good Preventative Measures Combo
Nutrilite™ Twist Tubes 2GO Antioxidant Health – Mango Citrus              
Artistry Skin Nutrition™ Hydrating Gel Cream

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Schagen, S. K., Zampeli, V. A., Makrantonaki, E., & Zouboulis, C. C. (2012). Discovering the link between nutrition and skin aging. Dermato-endocrinology,4(3), 298–307.

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