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First things first, as the primary author of The Youth Amplified! Blog, let me just say that I find it sad that a comment policy is needed. We're adults and we should be able to discuss health and beauty without behaving like children and getting nasty with one another. However, the comment section of The Youth Amplified! Blog is intended to be a safe space for people to connect, discuss, share and converse. Therefore, we are declaring that here, and anyone in violation of the following rules will be censored. That's right, we'll delete your comment and prevent you from posting again in the future- most likely indefinitely. I hold grudges and have a long memory.

We love comments and greatly appreciate the time that YA! Blog readers take to share their ideas and give feedback. Thank you to everyone who comments on the YA! Blog. However, we want comments to be useful to all of our readers. Therefore, we will remove:

Harassing comments: We're all for a rousing debate here and there, we love it when folks share differing perspectives and opinions, however, all comments MUST be respectful towards our contributors and community members leaving comments.

Anonymous comments: We only accept comments from people who identify themselves. If identifying yourself will put you at risk or endanger your life in some way, but you would like commenting privileges please send a message to support@youthamplified.us explaining why. Please understand that we reserve the right to deny you and that even if approved, you will be given a very short leash. We have zero tolerance for any and all ugliness (hate speech, bigotry, insults, slander, etc.), so please do not try to take advantage of our kindness.

Promotional comments: If a comment is solely promotional, it will be removed. Please use tact; if you think you could contribute something to our community, put on your big-kid undies and pitch us at contribute@youthamplified.us. We're happy to hear from you.

We reserve the right to remove any comments or even shut down the discussion board; please leave comments that are respectful and helpful.

For clarity or questions regarding the commenting policy, please send a message.

Thank you so much for adhering to high standards and making The Youth Amplified! Blog a safe space going forward.

Always with love,

-LaDonna Takyi Taylor
(Owner/ Creator)

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